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I was born in Switzerland, and raised in Switzerland and California, I’ve been making music since the age of 12. What started out simply as a hobby quickly turned into a gratifying passion when I started making YouTube tutorials under the alias Reasonmastaa. Upon moving back from the US to my home in Switzerland, I created the alias Big Skapinsky as a salute to the Sierpinski Triangle fractal which I use as my emblem. It was when I was going through college and playing at various gigs there that I started to diversify, not only as a producer, but as a DJ. I posted several DJ routine videos on YouTube including a very successful deadmau5 medley that generated more traffic than I had ever gotten before. I was signed to Hestia Records in May 2013. The vast majority of my music, however, is given for free; I’m a big believer in free music distribution and fan-donations. I have experimented with many genres, although House remains my strong suit. With compositions varying from Dubstep, to Drum n Bass, to Glitch, to Progressive, I was never good at staying within boundaries.
I hope you like what you hear, and if I inspire even one of you, then that’s good enough for me